About us

Executive s.r.o. was established in 1993 to monitor orders from foreign clients that are in various stages of implementation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The company chiefly:

  • monitors whether contractual conditions are maintained; this includes checks of the material used, comparing the product size with project documentation, visual check of the craftsmanship, etc.
  • monitors whether deadlines agreed by the clients and suppliers are met
  • informs clients whether the contractual deadlines have been met
  • maintains regular relationships with suppliers.
  • looks for options to purchase materials that are not available at the production location and provides associated support.


Our services target companies that – due to their inadequate production capacity or the necessity to cut internal cost to be competitive in international markets – outsource component and product manufacture that requires a high degree of qualified manual labour to subcontractors operating abroad.

Owing to the experience gained for more than twenty years in such markets, our company can select a group of subcontractors that have the highest competence to implement orders from our clients successfully. We also provide our clients with guidance on their final selection of the subcontractors proposed. Subsequently, we coordinate technological specifications and business negotiations with the subcontractor selected to prepare the final order or contract.

One of the key areas our company focuses on is expediting, i.e., monitoring of the progress of work and meeting the production deadlines directly at the suppliers’ sites.
Our services also include providing additional information and continual provision of information on the maintenance of contractual conditions to our clients which allows us to speed up the dialogue between the client and the supplier. Thanks to timely information on the actual progress of orders, our clients have better insight intoproduction progress.